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PLUS-Forum Payment Business and Money Circulation is the largest event of the financial sector in Russia and CIS countries in terms of both the number (1700+) and composition of participants — representatives of the banking sector, payment systems, telecom and transportation operators, solution providers, market regulators and government agencies, leading Russian and foreign industry experts, etc. The event was attended by the representatives of the banking sector, payment systems, telecom and transportation operators, solution providers, market regulators and government agencies, leading Russian and foreign industry experts, and others.

The best program dedicated to the analysis of the current state and prospects of development of the banking and payment industry in Russia and other countries of the world. The best line-up of local, regional and international speakers, representing the industry to the fullest extent.

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Section I
(International PLUS-Forum “PAYMENTS 2023”)
Section II
(International PLUS-Forum “Cash Circulation + Self-Service. Banking and Retail”)

Section I

Day 1, September 13

Session 1

Retail banking and payments industry 2023. Key trends in the context of business sovereignty

  • Implementation of the National Payment System Development Strategy 2021–2023. Prospects
  • Key trends in retail banking and payment business. Continued development of fintech, remote identification, universalism of basic services and products. Instant payments, CBDC pilot projects. The crypto industry is growing. Interest in Islamic Finance persists
  • Evaluation of today’s state of the market and its prospects. Almost two years of work in the absence of the international payment systems: how does the Russian market feel without the largest players? Shift in the development vectors.
  • The Russian market as an ecosystem of national payment systems and solutions. NSPK. Mir. SBP. And further on
  • The world of payments in an era of low margins. What’s next?
  • Digital society banks in the realities of sanctions. The priority of ensuring technological sovereignty as regards critical infrastructure. Forecasts
  • Digital ruble is a payment instrument of the near future. CBDC projects overview. The impact of the digital ruble project on the building of technological sovereignty. An important element of technological sovereignty

Session 2

Business and technology. Payments business in the realities of today

  • SBP. Performance indicators for the past three years. Where are we now? What’s next? Cross-border transfers
  • From 01April, 2024 banks in the Russian Federation will use the SBP for B2B payments 365×7×24! How it will change the payment business or Banks and Business!
  • Unified biometric system. The situation in the UBS development.
  • Retail banking. AI as an active participant in robotization projects. The effectiveness of the projects. Pros and cons. Needs and expectations
  • Onboarding strategies 2023 in banking. The best mechanics for customer acquisition and retention
  • Customer experience in the digital age. Analysis of examples of modern customer experience. Segments of premium and mass customers. Common and different customer experience ratings

Session 2A

Islamic finance and Islamic banking. The current state and actual future of this banking area

  • Islamic Fintech — specific features of the creation, development, Sharia expertise
  • Ethical banking. Internal and external banking ethics. Specifics and relevance of this banking area
  • Islamic economic paradigm and Islamic banking. Alternative economic models built on the basis of confessional principles. Further development paths
  • Islamic economic model within a secular state. Goals and objectives of Islamic finance
  • Implementation of Islamic finance in digital banking. Prospects and benefits of such implementation
  • Islamic financial products. Innovation, compliance and current development issues
  • History of introduction of Islamic banking. Experience of a number of Central Asian countries

Session 3

Round table. “Payments practices and economics. The industry in search of new opportunities”

  • Main problems in the field of payments. Finding appropriate problem solutions is a delicate matter that requires silence and confidentiality
  • Opportunities for new strategies as regards collaborations. The environment motivates banks to move from intense competition to coordinating their strategies and tactics
  • Contactless payment technologies. Castling of key market players. New promising solutions
  • Direct tokenization of the client’s bank account. Technology is ready. Who is in favour and who is against?
  • Areas of the payment interfaces improvement in the new environment
  • Scenarios for creating the most seamless customer journey
  • Open API standards for payment services
  • Creation of national Mobil cash on the SBPay platform, using bank non-cash and digital accounts
  • Why retail stopped still. What prevents creating proprietary platforms with built-in “zero” payments in loyalty programmes? Who is to blame and what is to be done?

Session 3A

SME 2023. Problems. Tendencies. Ways out of existing situations and solving problems facing business

  • Problems accompanying Russian small and medium businesses in recent years. Whether or not SMEs can remain stable. What will help SMEs survive the next crisis
  • How has the position of SMEs in the Russian economy changed over the year? How does the government support SMEs?
  • How can a business develop innovation being permanently busy with solving more and more new problems?
  • Is it possible to scale the business in the current conditions? What difficulties do SMEs face when entering foreign markets / markets of friendly countries?
  • What has changed in the work of banks with small businesses? How small business customer service is changing. What financial instruments are in demand by entrepreneurs. What to expect in the future?

Session 4

Digital financial assets. Reasons and prospects for the DFA market growth

  • Fundamental transformations of the banking market in the context of introduction of the digital ruble
  • Challenges and opportunities for investment markets. DFA and DeFi
  • DFA and digital ruble. Digital ruble as a means of payment for DFA operators. The distinction between DFA and cryptocurrencies and the digital ruble
  • CBDC as a tool for cross-border settlements with friendly countries
  • Digital ruble for offline payments. The prospect of foreseeable future?
  • The digital ruble platform — what will it be like today and tomorrow? New requirements for entrepreneurs
  • What are the advantages of digital assets? And what are their disadvantages? New ways to use digital financial assets
  • DFAs are shaping a new financial landscape in Russia. Why is it reckless to bypass DFA? Digital financial assets are gaining momentum
  • The legal framework for digital financial assets and needs for its improvement. The standpoint of the management of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation — The DFA market needs to be simplified
  • Practice and specific business cases of issuing proprietary DFAs on the example of the Atomize platform, the Rosbank online mobile application and the Bank of Russia digital ruble platform

Сессия 4A

Distributed finance 2022: Crypto, blockchain, NFT. Current state, main trends and the most probable development scenarios

  • Cryptoindustry 2023. Trajectory of development in recent years. Expected scenario
  • Digital and cryptocurrencies. Seamless payments
  • Smart integration of the crypto industry into the financial industry
  • Cryptocurrency development trends
  • Development of the crypto-assets circulation environment
  • Innovations in blockchain
  • NFTs. Token usage scenario in the near and medium term
  • Metaverse. Perspectives and realism of its use

Day 2, September 14

Session 5

Fintech. The evolution of banking in all its diversity

  • Open Finance + Open Data model. Revival and development of independent fintech
  • Banks = Fintech. Driver for the development of financial products and services. Key innovations from the regulator?
  • Digital tendencies in banking and financial services. New models of work
  • The destinies of startups in a changing world. What do they depend on now?
  • The next generation of unicorns and lucrative startups. How do we define them today? Experience and prospects
  • Consolidation and concentration. Are we entering a new phase of fintech development?
  • When will the “battle” of loyalty programs start or Will evolution take everything from the financial sector back to retail?

Session 6

Banking transformation. New focal points in building business and customer relationships

  • Artificial intelligence. Neural networks. Machine learning. Analysis of the best business cases
  • Tasks and effectiveness of working with Big Data
  • ChatGPT. What was it? What is it now? What will it be?
  • Open API economics. Digital transformation of the banking sector
  • Open API is a real step towards Open Banking. Open API standardization
  • Neobanks and other new business models
  • Remote identification and biometrics. Freedom to choose products and solutions
  • BNPL services. Business case analysis. Why companies launch BNPL programmes

Session 7

Joint round table. Security of payment business and cash circulation

  • Cyber vulnerability of the banking and payments industry. Specifics of the current period. Import independence and other relevant cybersecurity strategies 2023
  • Significant increase in the number of cyberattacks. The main vectors of modern criminal activity. Vulnerabilities. Countermeasures
  • Security control in financial institutions: audit, security assessment, PEN testing, cyber training. New trends
  • Social engineering as a tool used in the economic war against the banking sector of the Russian Federation and Russian citizens
  • Financial literacy. A real tool to counter social engineering. To what extent is the desired result feasible?
  • Countering fraud using Electronic Payment Instruments. The Bank of Russia’s initiatives: are they sufficient?
  • How do we feel without the main vendors that supplied security solutions to the banking community
  • Fraud monitoring in a split second? Is everyone ready for such cosmic speeds?
  • New protection. Biometrics, risks and techniques
  • Improving the security of ATM networks. Is it possible to ensure ATM security in the modern world? Cases
  • The current level of banknotes security as an anti-counterfeiting tool. Solutions, technologies, business cases
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Section II

Day 1, September 13

Session 1

Progress in the implementation of the cash circulation strategy. The most important trends for 2021-2025

  • Technological sovereignty as one of the goals of cash circulation in Russia
  • Demand for cash in the current situation. Global trends. Russian market
  • Import substitution strategy — we follow global trends in technology development.
  • Cash circulation after eighteen months from the suppliers’ exit from the market. Results. Prospects
  • Analysis of the situation. Ongoing identification of problems associated with the need to ensure the continuity of processes. Ways to solve the problems
  • Demand for modern technologies for the production of banknotes and coins. Market launch of new banknotes Market-demanded modern technologies for the notes and coins manufacturing. Market launch of new banknotes.
  • Sales of digital and physical gold as a tool to support the ruble exchange rate. Using the banking infrastructure

Session 2

Cash in new realities. Search for breakthrough solutions

  • In-depth analysis of the cash circulation market. Tasks that are being solved already and those yet to be solved. Their priorities. Plans and prospects
  • The first models of Russian-made ATMs already available in the market. The outcomes of this stage of the ATM production development in the Russian Federation. Banks’ opinions. Future plans
  • The evolution of ATM infrastructure in an era of restrictions. Technological and business turnabout of Russian ATM networks and vendors
  • Modernization of the cash handling function. Maintaining a set of solutions of key banks
  • Adaptation of the line of counters and sorters available on the Russian market to their operation under sanctions and restrictions
  • Current situation and challenges to cash circulation in Russia.
  • Tendencies and prospects for the cash circulation development. Today’s realities from the standpoint of a bank and a vendor
  • Hardware suits, software, specialized applications and other solutions. Priorities for their replacement and maintenance

Session 3

Round table. Bank of Russia’s strategies for cash handling in the context of changed environment

  • Key points of the implementation of the Cash Circulation Strategy of the Bank of Russia. Specifics and implementation in the current conditions
  • Coin programme of the Bank of Russia. What do we do next?
  • Optimization of banknote circulation within the current Cash Circulation Strategy of the Bank of Russia
  • Cash handling models in the sanction environment. Banks. Retail sector
  • Cash circulation in the modern world
  • Model and structure of cash circulation organization in the Russian Federation. Change of trends. Main accents
  • Cash collection. Problems. Development trajectories

Day 2, September 14

Session 4

Technologies and banking infrastructure today

  • From import substitution to independence from import. Banking self-service systems and counting and sorting machines. Results of their operation after eighteen months under sanctions
  • Points of the cash cycle management optimization. Practice
  • Consumer experience and self-service devices. Future plans
  • Reorganization of bank branches. New generation offices — a combination of digital and physical experience. Tasks to solve. Modernization of processes and cash cycle automation in bank branches
  • Prospects for the development of the digital and physical gold market. Financial instruments. Technology platforms. IT systems for digital trading in gold
  • Global ATM market. Latest trends. Technology and business
  • Cash withdrawal at the checkout. Practice and prospects
  • Cash transactions in online/offline retail today
  • Financial services for people with disabilities remain relevant. Improving the accessibility of services

Session 5

Round table. “The current state and future of the market for self-service banking devices”

  • The market of self-service devices. Supplies of imported ATMs
  • Further development of the domestic devices manufacturing
  • Software evolution tendencies
  • Service maintenance of the existing fleet of ATMs
  • Mobile branches, ATMs and service outlets. Experience of their use by a bank.
  • Situation with counting machines. Where are we finally going to?
  • “Cardless” ATM transactions

Session 6

Round table. “Security of the payments business and cash circulation”

  • New protection for Internet banking. Biometrics, risks and techniques
  • Improving the security of ATM networks. Is it possible to ensure ATM security as such in the modern world?
  • The current level of banknotes security as an anti-counterfeiting tool. Solutions, technologies, business cases
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